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Casas Particulares en Playa Giron

Find the best selection of casas particulares in Playa Giron with Bed and Breakfast in Cuba. This location reunites history and tourism. The beautiful landscape mixes with the remains of the last battle of Bay of Pigs invasion, back in 1961.

What to know about Playa Giron

The clear turquoise waters of Playa Giron witnessed one of the most important events in the modern history of Cuba. In April 1961, 1500 expatriates tried to invade the island and take the government with the help of United States government. But it didn’t happen, the battle lasted three days and the invaders were defeated.

This event is known as the Bay of Pigs invasion. The last battle of this operation and the final victory of Cuba took place here in Playa Giron. And all around the area, there are things that remain from that moment.

Playa Giron is located in Matanzas, in the south center of Cuba, at the eastern side of Bay of Pigs. It is a small village touched by the Caribbean waters.

Today it’s a peaceful place whose economy depends on tourism. The memories of pirates and the victory over the invaders are some main attractions for travelers looking to escape from the city, rest in a quiet town and get in touch with sea life and history. This is an excellent destination.

Also, it is close to other touristic destinations such as Zienaga de Zapata and Playa Larga. It is possible to stay there and take time to know beyond the area of Playa Giron.

Things to see

The beach itself is small and windswept, but it has its charms. It is a destination that water sports lovers will enjoy. There are plenty of sites to diving and snorkeling in Playa Giron.

One of these sites is Caleta Buena where you will find a few diving centers if you want to adventure into the sea. They have all the equipment you’ll need and instructors to teach the basics if you do not have experience.

Another one is Punta Perdiz. This diving and snorkeling spot is 10 km north of Playa Giron. The clear waters will let you enjoy the reefs and coral. It’s a place travelers can’t miss if they go to this site of the Caribbean island.

But, if you have little experience diving or don’t feel like doing it at the sea, there is another option. Like a cenote called Cueva de Los Peces. To arrive there take the road that takes from Playa Giron to Playa Larga.

Beyond the natural attractions, you can also visit the Museo Giron where you can see exhibited weapons and artifacts used during the invasion.

Casas particulars in Playa Giron

Playa Giron is a place to visit if you are looking for a relaxing town. People there are relaxed and they will love to show travelers their point of view about its history. The best way to get in touch with them is staying in casas particulares.

There are plenty of these accommodations in town. Take time to find the one you like between the casas particulares in Playa Giron enlisted on our website.

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